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Get up to 50% off all hotels and resorts

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How much can I save with Prime?

You save every time you book with Prime. The specific amount you save depends on the total cost of your booking. For example, if you pay between 150€ and 200€ with your Prime membership, you will save an average of 20€ on your booking.

Your subscription will last for a year (12 months) from the day of purchase.

As a Prime member, you have access to unlimited discounts. You can use your discount as many times as you like!

You don’t have to do anything! Your subscription will be automatically renewed when it expires. You will be charged using the same payment method you used when you subscribed.

You can include up to 8 people in your booking. Your Prime discount will be applied to the total booking amount.

Prime discounts are currently applicable to tee times and hotels only. We’re planning to increase our Prime offering in the near future to offer a completely VIP service.

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